Marketing Metrics Management at eBay – Part II [video]

In Part II of his presentation, Bob Page starts by talking about how to manage multiple departments data marts. He goes over the internal solutions that eBay built to optimize data usage and delivery.

He also shows some of the analytics and optimization tools that eBay built to optimize the website and their culture of testing.

Watch Marketing Metrics Management at eBay – Part I

Bob Page

As eBay’s vice president of Data & Analytics Platform, Bob Page brings more than 15 years of passion for analysis to the world’s largest online marketplace. Bob leads eBay’s data and analytics infrastructure, and is responsible for the strategy and policies that power data-driven decisions. From data warehouse and business intelligence solutions to advanced analytics and custom insights, Bob delivers solutions for strategic use of data. Bob joined eBay from Yahoo!, where he led analytics teams across a broad range of responsibilities. He has been active in analytics since 1996, when he was co-founder, CTO and VP of Product Development for Accrue Software, a provider of large-scale web analytics. He is a frequent speaker at industry events, and serves on the eMetrics advisory council.

Bob occasionally posts to his blog at , and is @bobpage on Twitter.