Marketing Analytics – The CMO Perspective [video]

We have an over-abundance of data and a myriad of tools. We have plenty of process and technology to help our people sift, sort, slice and dice… but to what end? This panel of name-brand corporate analysts talks turkey about what their CMO’s are getting and what they want from marketing analytics. After the search keywords have been parsed, the landing pages optimized, the navigation streamlined and the conversion rate analyzed from here to Sunday, the CMO is your true end customer. Find out what makes them tick and how to make them happy.

Michael Metz

Michael MetzMichael Metz is Senior Director of Web Marketing and Strategy at Cisco. With a team of over a hundred and twenty web professionals he’s responsible for the company’s marketing strategy on the worldwide web. This includes editorial, search engine optimization, user experience, design, publishing, analytics, mobile and governance.

Peter Sanborn

Peter SanbornPeter Sanborn has been in the digital marketing industry for the past 10 years. He manages a team of web analysts focused on improving the customer experience and marketing value of, the 5th most trafficked web site in the world. It serves a diversity of audiences coming from various job roles, company sizes, and geographic locations. Peter’s team deals with both the successes and challenges of running a web analytics program for this huge and multi-functional site on a daily basis. In addition to practicing digital marketing and web analytics daily, Peter serves as President of the Web Analytics Association.

Dylan Lewis

Dylan LewisDylan Lewis and his team are focused on translating the actions, experiences, and attitudes of visitors into better website experiences at Intuit. Dylan joined Intuit in 2005 after working as a Senior Consultant at Visual Sciences, and Director of Marketing at With an MS in Psychology, Dylan is focused on the web experience.

Brandon Bunker

Brandon BunkerAs Senior Manager of Analytics at Sony Electronics, Brandon provides strategy, analysis and insight across multiple digital disciplines including online marketing, e-commerce sites, brand (content) sites, and social networking. Previous to Sony, Brandon was Senior Web Analyst at Nike, and held a variety of positions with the Department of Defense, including Web Analytics Team Leader and Signals Analyst. He holds an MBA from University of Maryland and a BS from Brigham Young University.