Managing Analytics Globally at IBM [video]

“That’s the nice thing about a good social media tool, is it’s not all in my inbox, I can post it, we can have discussions, and share.”

IBM is an extremely large website with 3.9 million pages, 150 business owners, 2.7 million employee pages, all tracked on IBM’s tools. There are analysts in about 40 countries, and 1,000 ad-hoc reports are run on average each day.

One great thing in all of the products is “Data Model Extensions”, which integrates the business data with the analytics database. Analysts don’t have to filter reports for products. If brands are re-aligned, it’s easy to re-align reporting retroactively. There is a list of page URLs that allow everything in a page to be measured instantly. The system tells IBM where to invest efforts to optimize.

What they’ve learned is that web analytics needs to be really strong on collection so that they can report data onto Cognos, and executives can quickly check the reports to see what is happening throughout the company easily.

Randy Gelfand, Web Analytics Program Manager, IBM

Randy GelfandRandy Gelfand joined IBM a little before the first IBM PC was announced. He originally wrote business system software and later became a project manager and consultant.

His current assignment as Web Analytics program manager gave him the opportunity to oversee 2 product transitions, a major procurement study, and work with an exceptional team of web analysts.

Over the last 3 years, he has lead the effort to proliferate the digital marketing intelligence gathered from to a multi product silo global marketing and sales organization.

He is looking forward to greater opportunities based on integration of Web, Social, and Mobile device data to drive our future efforts.