Integrating Web Analytics and CRM by Adam Greco – Part II [video]

Presentation Abstract

Web Analytics is great at helping B2B companies see what happens before a visitor becomes a lead. CRM systems are great at knowing what happens before a lead becomes a customer. But if your sales team could connect the dots between these two systems, they would know exactly what visitors have done on the website prior to becoming lead and in order to help them become a customer. Conversely, your Web Analytics tool often cannot see what happens after the lead is submitted so it cannot optimize marketing campaigns. Learn how to integrate Web Analytics and CRM systems to achieve a synergistic effect.

In Part II, Adam talks about the big gap between Web Analytics and CRM. He uses a day life scenario to show which system has which information and demonstrates the gap that is formed for the lack of integration between the systems. He also goes over an implementation example and how it can be sed to improve data-driven decision making.

Adam Greco

Adam manages all aspects of web analytics for various websites. Previously, Adam was one of the leaders of the Omniture Consulting team and author of the popular Inside Omniture SiteCatalyst blog.

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