Facebook Marketing Examples From Big Brands [slide presentation]

In this presentation, Justin Kistner (Webtrends) and Nick O’Neil (AllFacebook) go over some interesting numbers regarding Facebook and provide advice on using Facebook for Marketing. They also provide examples on how Big Brands are taking advantage of it.

Facebook Statistics and Marketing

They start the presentation with some interesting statistics on Facebook and Social Media:

  • 3 out of 4 Americans use social technology
  • 2/3 of the global internet population visit social networks
  • Social Media has overtaken porn as the #1 activity on the Web (more popular than email)
  • And, it’s growing at 3X the rate of the overall Internet
  • Facebook is the world’s most visited site
  • Facebook Sends More Traffic to News Sites than Google

Then, the presenters go into Facebook Marketing Basics, and explain the opportunities available to marketers to promote their businesses.

Facebook Marketing Case Studies

They proceed to show the following 5 case studies:

  1. Vitamin Water New Beverage
    Vitamin Water connect contest
    $5,000 prize
    Users voted on a flavor and selected “black cherry-lime”
    Flavor tasted horrible but received plenty of coverage
  2. Marshalls $5000 Wardrobe
    Users become fans of Marshalls
    TV Promotion used to drive users to page
    Each week there is a video quiz
    Completing quizzes earns keys
    One key unlocks $1,000 prize each week
  3. Doritos Advergame
    Campaign uses Facebook Connect to customize a video game experience
    Users need a bag code to gain access to the video
    Huge promotion budget to create complex game
    Users must log in with Facebook to access
  4. Bing Farmville Promotion
    Gained 400,000 fans with “Become a Fan” call to action button
    Users received farm cash in exchange for fanning
    No knowledge of amount spent but most likely $1 million+
    Updates to those fans drove 20,000 click throughs on content
  5. Scion tC Release
    Video promotion that places user profile data in the video promotion
    Displays friends information as well within the promotion
    You can view the video at http://bit.ly/scionfb

The value of a Facebook Fan

Understanding how much a Facebook Fan is worth is essential in order to calculate the ROI of Facebook Marketing. According to a an empirical review, the following holds true:

  • 68% of Facebook Fans indicate they are very likely to recommend a product.
  • Facebook fans reported spending $71.84 more per year than non fans.
  • The most valuable fan in the survey was that of McDonald’s who presented an annual value to the organization of $508.16

Facebook Marketing Challenges

Below are the big challenges we are facing today when it comes to Facebook Marketing:

  • Measuring Success
  • Many brands invest in awareness building, not just purchase conversion
  • Facebook ads can drive new fans as well as purchases, goals must be defined
  • Strategy depends on company’s aims, many have been experimental but social media budgets are expanding
  • Traditional “tagging” doesn’t work
  • No ad conversion tracking inside Facebook
  • Scattered data sources

Facebook Marketing Advice

3 Tips to get started

  1. Buy ads
  2. Create apps
  3. Measure success

3 things to avoid

  1. Viewing Facebook as a traffic source
  2. Doing nothing
  3. Privacy debacles