It’s Not About the Technology – It’s About the Customers

This commercial, produced by NFL Mobile, is a short and accurate representation of why companies should be focusing on the customer experience, not on the technology. Most companies have an internal organization that favors the development of online and offline experiences as separate endeavors; as written in a previous article named Understanding Online Customer Experience:

For many organizations, the online and offline channels are operated independent of one another. As a result, customers can feel like they’re working with completely different companies when they transition from the website or mobile web to the contact center. In the Econsultancy survey, only 3 percent of the ebusiness participants described the multi-channel experience their companies provide as “excellent,” while nearly a quarter (24 percent) rate their multi-channel experience as “poor” or “very poor.”

Sixty percent of the ebusiness professionals surveyed admitted that the customer facing offline parts of their business – such as call center agents – have little or no understanding of the experience a customer might have online. This lack of insight across channels poses a growing challenge for businesses, as organizations continue to migrate more and more of their business to online self-service in addition to launching new online channels. For instance, 52 percent of those polled plan to invest in the mobile internet this year.