Marketing Metrics at Best Buy – Part 1 [video]

In this presentation, delivered at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit San Francisco 2011, Eric T. Peterson (Senior Partner and Founder of Web Analytics Demystified) and Lynn Lanphier (Director of Digital Analytics, Best Buy) talk about how Best Buy has been doing Web Analytics and really working to transform their ability to succeed in a very competitive environment.

They describe the company structure, objectives, and how Analytics was implemented and developed in the organization along the years. They describe the tools being used and how they built a strategical plan in order to upgrade Best Buy’s capability to measure user activity.

Watch Marketing Metrics at Best Buy – Part 1

Eric T. Peterson

Eric T PetersonEric T. Peterson, Senior Partner and Founder of Web Analytics Demystified, has worked in web analytics since the late 1990’s in a variety of roles including practitioner, consultant, and analyst for several market-leading companies. He is the author of three best-selling books on the subject, Web Analytics Demystified, Web Site Measurement Hacks, and The Big Book of Key Performance Indicators, as well as one of the most popular web analytics bloggers at

Lynn Lanphier

Lynn LanphierLynn Lanphier, Director of Digital Analytics, Best Buy, leads the Digital Analytics team, which includes industry research, competitive analysis, web analytics and multi-channel data integration. She and her team are passionate about helping the business connect the dots by transforming data and information into insights and action plans that drive business results. Prior to Best Buy, Lynn worked for over ten years at Spiegel Catalog in a variety of marketing and merchandise planning roles.