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Guest Author Guidelines

We are always open to guest articles at Online Behavior, as long as the subject is interesting and the article is original and unique (i.e. not cross-posted elsewhere). We are interested in articles about Analytics, Optimization, Testing, Usability, and Targeting (see sidebar to understand better the focus of the website). Please note that we do not run product reviews by guest authors, and guest authors cannot make their companies the only subject of the article, which should feature an interesting technique that can be used to optimize Digital Marketing, preferably with a real life example or case study. It should not be a tool/service promotion, although we will certainly provide the credit for the article. When writing your article, try to organize it into topics using subtitles, this will help readers scan the text and decide whether they want to read it or not; and be sure to create relevant and readable sub-titles that use the terms that your are describing in the section. Using strong and italic fonts are also great ways to grab the readers’ attention, but use them with responsibility. It is difficult to put into words the value of an image, so try to use at least 2-3 images on the article, giving preference to charts and graphs. Most important of all, don’t try to look smart by using the industry newest jargon! Tell your story (or your super advanced optimization technique) using simple words and day-to-day metaphors. Although it is great to look intelligent it is even greater to be understood. And if you would like to know a bit more about the audience, take a look at our About Us page, we have a short description about the kind of people that read Online Behavior. If you would like to drop us line with any question before submitting the article, feel free to leave us a message.

Submission Requirements

1. The article must be submitted by a person, not a company. We will post articles by people and their picture should be provided too. The person writing the article can give credit to his/her company by linking to it from his/her bio. 2. Articles should be formatted in HTML or using a common text editor. Avoid the following tags: <font>, <style>, <div> and <span>. If it is painful for you to write in HTML, please submit the article using Google Docs, but do not send a Microsoft Word document. 3. We recommend including up to 3 images for the article, 640px maximum (and preferred) width. Also include (optional) an image to be used as the thumbnail of the article, with an approximate size of 540*360. Be sure your image file names are descriptive. In addition, please attach a head shot on a 150px x 150px size. 4. We reserve the right to make editorial changes and minor changes to grammar and images, but major changes will be in agreement with the author. 5. We consider that any image submitted by the author is his property and that s/he has the right to use it. 6. Once the article is published at Online Behavior it cannot be re-published in another website.

Please note that we do not guarantee to publish submissions, but we will review all submissions and provide feedback in a matter of days.

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