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  • Statistical Design in Online A/B Testing

    Georgi Georgiev - July 31, 2017
    Statistical Design in Online A/B Testing

    In this article Georgi Georgiev discusses the misuse of statistical significance tests, the lack of consideration for statistical power, and the significant inefficiency of statistical methods. He proposes solutions to those issues inspired by clinical randomized controlled trials, which I call the AGILE statistical approach to A/B testing.

  • All Under One Roof with Google Optimize & Analytics

    Sean McQuaide - January 25, 2017
    Google Optimize and Google Analytics

    In this article Sean McQuaide focus on how Google Optimize and its enterprise version, Optimize 360, will change your life by putting everything under one roof.

  • Building a Culture of Testing and Optimization

    Krista Seiden - October 27, 2015
    Building a Culture of Testing and Optimization

    This article, written by Google's Analytics Advocate Krista Seiden shows how to successfully build an optimization and testing culture by outlining an ongoing process for data usage, analysis and communication.

  • A/B Testing For Mobile Apps

    Kristoffer Olofsson - May 19, 2014
    A/B Testing For Mobile Apps

    Content experiments for mobile apps can be extremely valuable to a business. We are no longer dependent on long development cycles as soon as we want to test something new. And when we do want to test, we can do so faster, more accurately, and with more certainty to avoid costly mistakes based on hunches. Learn how!

  • A Guide To Running Successful A/B Tests

    Yaniv Navot - April 29, 2014
    A Guide To Running Successful A/B Tests

    This article provides important statistical references and actionable tips in order to run A/B Tests in a professional way. The ideas reflected in this article will help you improve your A/B testing techniques for better decision making and conversion rates.

  • How to Get Real Neuromarketing Insights

    Chris Goward - April 7, 2014
    Neuromarketing Insights

    Before dismissing your great idea for the next campaign, ad, or website landing page, make sure you don't rely solely on qualitative data. By incorporating current neuroscience studies and other qualitative data to form hypotheses, you can begin testing these hypotheses thoroughly and interpreting the results to maximize your conversion optimization and create your next breakthrough campaign.

  • Conversion Rate Maturity Model: Online Testing

    Michal Parizek - February 25, 2014
    Conversion Rate Maturity Model: Online Testing

    There can be defined several maturity stages of your online testing program. The more mature you do online testing the higher your chances are to get conversion lifts. If testing belongs to your responsibilities read it carefully and work on the progress to shift your organization up on the online testing maturity ladder.

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