Targeting & Segmentation Articles

  • Personalized Account-Based Marketing

    Jonathan Riley - April 5, 2017
    Personalized Marketing

    In this article you will learn more about targeted account based marketing. When there is significant revenue on the line, knowing your customers or clients intimately, and maximizing the relevance of their experience on your site is guaranteed to drastically increase the likelihood of conversion, and to generate increased revenue for your company.

  • Passive Audience Segmentation Strategies

    Jack Holt - November 20, 2013
    Passive Audience Segmentation Strategies

    Your consumers are telling you so much about who they are and what they want! With passive text analysis, you can finally start to both listen and cut through the noise to provide some value for those big social media budgets.

  • Personalize How Rather Than What You Offer

    Arjan Haring - November 8, 2013
    Behavioral Science

    This article asks you to consider buying into technology, not to personalize what you offer, but how you offer something. You can get more impact from your content by personalizing the how.

  • Overview Of Product Recommendation Engines

    Online Behavior - February 19, 2013
    Overview Of Product Recommendation Engines

    Product recommendation engines are growing in popularity amongst small and medium-sized business owners who have become acquainted with the success of sites like Netflix and Amazon, which utilize this technique. If you’re not sure how and if a product recommendation engine can benefit your business, read on to understand better what it means and how it can be used.

  • Relevance Without The Creepy: A Permission Marketing Approach to Recommender Systems

    Christopher Berry - October 22, 2012
    Permission Marketing Approach

    Some of us are using adblock because the banner blindness isn't enough anymore. It's an unrelenting war amongst marketers to gain a piece of your attention. So, is the solution to invest in more powerful, better targeted, bunker-busters? Why must the consumer suffer?

  • Staying One Step Ahead with Mouse-Based Targeting

    Damien Acheson - October 9, 2012
    Staying One Step Ahead with Mouse-Based Targeting

    Businesses are constantly looking for new, more efficient ways to determine their visitors’ next moves in order to know when and how to best engage them. Are they going to continue to hover on this page? View a different product? Or just abandon the site altogether? This article provides some of the answers to these questions.

  • Analyzing Personas Using Advanced Segments

    Oliver Walker - July 11, 2012
    Analyzing Personas Using Advanced Segments

    A persona is a group of visitors that visit a website, that share a common objective, purpose or background which make them distinct from another group of visitors. Learn how to use this technique to provide a better experience to your visitors.

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