The videos below are a collection of the most interesting videos (in terms of content and presentation skills) on Targeting, Testing, Usability and Analytics. They present strategies and techniques that will help website managers and marketing analysts to understand their customers and optimize websites using a data-driven method.

  • Maximize Life Time Value - Not Conversions [video]

    Maximize Life Time Value - Not Conversions

    Today's metrics are generally flawed. Even conversion is a flawed metric, because anyone can increase conversions simply by offering significant discounts. ROI is a better metric, but it too misses the lifetime value of a customer. This video discusses the need to look beyond the 'one-night-stand' metrics into the overall value of a customer.

    Online Behavior - May 10, 2012
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  • Tracking The Trackers - Who Tracks You Online? [video]

    Tracking the trackers

    In this presentation, Gary Kovacs, CEO of Mozilla Corporation, discusses the subject of privacy on the Web. Even though people would like to believe the Internet is a private place, it is not: "the price we are being asked to pay for all this connectedness is our privacy."

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  • Attribution in a Multi-Touch World [video]

    Evolution of Corporate Analytics

    Heath Podvesker and Gregg Nathan present on the importance of stepping up the optimization team's work in Fidelity Investments. They discuss how they moved from a system of reporting once a year to a system of making monthly optimization changes.

    Online Behavior - May 3, 2012
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  • Measuring Content Marketing – Rebecca Lieb [video]

    Measuring Content Marketing – Rebecca Lieb

    Rebecca Lieb discusses content marketing. She defines content marketers as publishers and discusses which metrics, both soft and hard, can measure the achievements of content marketing. She emphasizes that no measure is perfect, and that there is no measure which is complete, but that content marketers need to define their goals carefully, looking for the dialog and the interaction that proves their value to the company.

    Online Behavior - April 30, 2012
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  • Animated Introduction to Big Data [video]

    Animated Introduction to Big Data

    In this video, we learn interesting facts about Big Data, how it is being generated and at which pace. It also discusses misconceptions about it and provides a clear definition of Big Data.

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  • Joseph Stanhope on Analytics Maturity [interview]

    Analytics Maturity

    Joseph Stanhope answers questions about whether this is the year of mobile for analytics, the role of mobile in bringing together an analytics program, and the future of digital marketing and analytics as a whole.

    Online Behavior - April 25, 2012
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  • Stories of Analytics – Joe Megibow, Part II [video]

    Stories of Analytics – Joe Megibow, Part II

    In the second part of Joe Megibow's talk, he teaches lessons 7-10 about using analytics in a company. His stories explain why it's so important to use data analysis from other disciplines, aggregate all of the relevant data, use different measures for different technologies, and keep the analytics relevant to the product.

    Online Behavior - April 23, 2012
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  • Stories of Analytics - Joe Megibow, Part I [video]

    Stories of Analytics - Joe Megibow

    Joe Megibow, VP and General Manager, Expedia, tells stories from his career, and demonstrates six important lessons that he learned based on his experiences in the analytics business.

    Online Behavior - April 19, 2012
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  • Planning and Using Analytics, Ashish Vij [interview]

    Planning and Using Analytics, Ashish Vij

    Ashish Vij answers questions on properly designing a Google Analytics account, tips he'd offer new Google Analytics users, the importance of knowing how to measure what needs to be measured, and the future of analytics.

    Online Behavior - April 16, 2012
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  • Managing a Media Website by the Numbers [video]

    Managing a Media Website by the Numbers

    David McBride, leader of the Business Intelligence team at Comcast International Media, talks about using analytics effectively in an enterprise, focusing on the following three points: where should analytics live, "Monthly Metrics Close", and building a first-rate team.

    Online Behavior - April 6, 2012
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