The videos below are a collection of the most interesting videos (in terms of content and presentation skills) on Targeting, Testing, Usability and Analytics. They present strategies and techniques that will help website managers and marketing analysts to understand their customers and optimize websites using a data-driven method.

  • Tracking E-Commerce on Google Analytics [video]

    Tracking E-Commerce on Google Analytics

    Joe Christopher, Analytics Director and Partner at Blast Advanced Media, speaks on tracking e-commerce on Google Analytics. His talk focuses on the business requirements, tracking recommendations, tracking e-commerce transactions, and powerful e-commerce custom variables.

    Online Behavior - June 21, 2012
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  • The Power Of Data & What It Can Tell Us [video]

    The Power Of Data & What It Can Tell Us [video]

    This presentation shows what is O'Reilly doing when it comes to data, their view of the space, and some suggestions about what to do with it: data shouldn't be a blackbox, nor a magic bullet, but staying curious all the time can help direct your company to its goals. Data is about enlightenment, nirvana, bliss.

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  • Managing Marketing Metrics at Intuit [video]

    Managing Marketing Metrics and Intuit

    Dylan Lewis talks about what it takes to be a successful business analyst at Intuit. George Roumeliotis talks about what it means to be a data scientist at Intuit.

    Online Behavior - June 15, 2012
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  • Trends in Business Analytics [video]

    Trends in Business Analytics

    Colin White, founder of BI Research talks about the difference between business analytics of the past and business analytics of the future. He gives examples of how the 'new' analytics can be used, applications, and challenges that are coming up in analytics now.

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  • Getting Started with Google Analytics [video]

    Getting Started with Google Analytics

    This video helps webmasters and aspiring analysts to become familiar with the basic uses of Google Analytics. The talk touches the Administration, segmentation, and comprehension of basic Google Analytics data.

    Online Behavior - June 7, 2012
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  • How it Works: Analytics Explained In 5 Minutes [video]

    How it Works: Analytics Explained In 5 Minutes

    With so much data available all the time, everywhere, making sense of it is difficult, but crucial. Many businesses decisions are on hunches and guesses, even though the necessary data exists to make an informed decision. Analytics improves the ability of decision-makers to gain actual intelligence from the vast amount of data that they have access to.

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  • Marketing Optimization Analytics Maturity Curve [video]

    Marketing Optimization Analytics Maturity Curve

    Mikel Chertudi describes the different levels of analytics maturity; beginner, intermediate, expert, and visionary. For each, he explains what they track, their metrics, the tracking tools, the customer benefit, the benefit to the marketer, and the benefit to the organization. Then he gives an example of how the Adobe site works now that it is optimized by analytics visionaries.

    Online Behavior - May 31, 2012
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  • Optimize Websites for Engagement: 5 Lessons [video]

    Optimize Websites for Engagement - Dan Siroker

    Dan Siroker of Optimizely talks about how to beat the back button and optimize for engagement. He imparts the following 5 lessons: Define Success, Reduce Choices, Focus on Your Call to Action, Fail Fast, and Start Today.

    Online Behavior - May 24, 2012
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  • Open Data and the Internet of Things [video]

    Open Data and the Internet of Things

    Usman Haque, founder of Cosm, is an architect and artist. In this talk, he describes the new reality of data from sensors becoming more available and the uses and problems this creates. He gives the 'Bill of Rights' of data, and gives a glimpse of his view of the future of the Internet of Things.

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  • Managing Analytics Globally at IBM [video]

    Managing Analytics Globally

    Randy Gelfand, Web Analytics Program Manager at IBM, describes how a large company like IBM with millions of webpages and dozens of products, manages analytics. He talks about the company's Data Model Extensions, which instantly aggregate analytics data from every IBM product. This data is then processed with Cognos, giving executives an easy-to-use dashboard with analytics on a global scale.

    Online Behavior - May 17, 2012
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