The videos below are a collection of the most interesting videos (in terms of content and presentation skills) on Targeting, Testing, Usability and Analytics. They present strategies and techniques that will help website managers and marketing analysts to understand their customers and optimize websites using a data-driven method.

  • The role of Personas in SEO [video]

    The role of Personas in SEO

    In this video, Bryan Eisenberg goes over the importance of using Personas in order to increase conversion rates. As Bryan says: "I never met a search engine that has a credit card", so SEOs should focus more on customer conversion and less in techniques to bring organic traffic: "most websites don't have a traffic problem, they have a conversion problem."

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  • Segmentation Lessons from Business [video]

    Segmentation Lessons from Business

    Malcolm Gladwell goes over the history of how Howard Moskowitz re-invented the spaghetti sauce. The important lesson on this video is that the use of segmentation enabled the explosion of whole new markets.

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  • Behaviorally Targeting Gen Y [video]

    Behaviorally Targeting Gen Y

    Emily Riley, from Forrester Research, starts her presentation with the following statement: "We must start focusing on what the consumer wants" She goes on to present her idea that we should allow customers to opt out from tracking, in a website that would enable people to decide in an organized manner, on what to be tracked, but not forbid or limit tracking.

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