Personalization is the output of a Targeting & Segmentation process. Once the segments are defined and a Behavioral Targeting campaign is performed in order to define which content and design is the right one for a specific segment of visitors, the website should be personalized for this segment.

  • Getting To Know Your Landing Page Visitors

    Landing Page Visitors

    Who are your landing page visitors, and what do you know about them? The answer to this question is the foundation for a successful landing page strategy. It will help you answer all of the questions about what should or shouldn't be on your page.

    Anna Talerico - December 28, 2011
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  • Opportunities to Improve Mobile Shopping Experience

    Since mobile devices lead to new behaviors—like rotating screens, swiping and varying "folds,' it's critical for retailers to know what consumers are experiencing. The ability to quickly identify and remedy customer frustrations means not only fewer #fails on Twitter, but also greater gains from their mobile channels as well as their business as a whole.

    Geoff Galat - December 21, 2011
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  • It's Not About the Technology - It's About the Customers

    Technology and Customers

    This commercial, produced by NFL Mobile, is a short and accurate representation of why companies should be focusing on the customer experience, not on the technology.

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  • What's Wrong with Metrics? Part 2 [video]

    What's Wrong with Metrics? by Larry Freed

    In this part 2 of 'What's Wrong with Metrics', Larry Freed provides a summary of what's is actually wrong with metrics often used by marketers. He also discusses the differences between feedback and measurement and how we can better satisfy our customers.

    Online Behavior - November 4, 2011
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  • Customer Experience in the Age of Digital Banking

    Online Banking Experience

    As demand for access to online banking continues to grow and more customers rely on smartphones for managing their finances, banks and other financial service companies would do well to ensure that these transactions are easy to perform and that the cross-channel (mobile, web, call center) customer experience is as seamless as possible.

    Geoff Galat - October 25, 2011
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  • Audience Segmentation - Giving Clicks a Personality

    Segmentation Analysis

    Times have changed. Just ten years ago, things were different. The internet was thought of as a young person's playground and a risk-taker's casino (or fool's paradise, depending on your attitude towards starting a DotCom). The way in which people used the internet was also different. Learn more about ways in which an audience can begin to be identified.

    Emer Kirrane - August 10, 2011
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  • Serendipity Feeling Increases Online Conversion

    Serendipity Feeling Increases Online Conversion

    Good food and the feeling that you’re special are the two main reasons that many people return to the same restaurant. Websites should be able to deliver the same experience to its customers. Learn more about how to do it.

    Dennis van der Heijden - August 2, 2011
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  • Phillip Klien - Optimization & Segmentation [interview]

    Phillip Klien Interview on Targeting, Segmentation and the Analytics industry

    In this interview Daniel Waisberg talks to Phillip Klien, Co-founder of Predicta, BTBuckets and SiteApps, about how to optimize websites by making them more relevant to users. He also shares his thoughts on the future of the industry and talks about his newest project.

    Online Behavior - July 11, 2011
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  • Common Denominators between Targeting, Advertisement and Usability

    Venn Diagram - Common Denominators between Targeting, Advertisement & Usability

    This article is a discussion on how to improve websites when it comes to targeting, advertisement and usability. We discuss some of the unintended consequences of targeting and banner & design blindness; we also provide usability tips for better using ads and call to actions on websites.

    Daniel Waisberg - June 15, 2011
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  • Personalization Example for Content Websites

    Personalization Example for Content Websites

    A visitor arrives to a website from a search engine's keyword including "health". How can the website take advantage of this information in order to personalize the experience of the visitor? Learn more on this personalization example for content websites.

    Online Behavior - May 16, 2011
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