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The videos below are a collection of the most interesting videos (in terms of content and presentation skills) on Web Analytics & Optimization, the art and science of improving websites based on the analysis of visitors’ behavior. Learn a broad range of techniques (such as social media, segmentation and other website optimization) in order to turn new visitors into customers and returning customers into loyal friends.

  • Web Analytics Storytelling [video]

    Web Analytics Storytelling

    In this presentation, Avinash Kaushik goes over the importance of communication for Web Analysts. When explaining website numbers to managers & executives it is crucial to make a story, not just puke data.

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  • Integrating Web Analytics & CRM by Adam Greco Part III [video]

    Integrating Web Analytics & CRM

    In Part III, Adam goes over an implementation of Sales Force and Google Analytics and also discuss the high value that could come from an integration of CRM and Behavioral Targeting data.

    Online Behavior - September 16, 2010
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  • Measuring Online Success by Eric T. Peterson [video]

    Measuring Online Success by Eric T. Peterson

    Understanding the return on your digital marketing investment requires insight into high-level management issues as well as on-the-page experience optimization. In this presentation, Eric goes over three essential elements in order to succeed with Web Analytics: People, Process, Technology.

    Online Behavior - September 1, 2010
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  • Integrating Web Analytics and CRM by Adam Greco - Part II [video]

    Integrating Web Analytics and CRM

    In Part II, Adam talks about the big gap between Web Analytics and CRM. He uses a day life scenario to show which system has which information and demonstrates the gap that is formed for the lack of integration between the systems. He also goes over an implementation example and how it can be sed to improve data-driven decision making.

    Online Behavior - August 24, 2010
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  • Google Analytics Ecosystem by Brett Crosby [video]

    Google Analytics Ecosystem by Brett Crosby

    In this presentation Brett Crosby, Group Product Marketing Manager of emerging business products at Google, shows the new Google Analytics features and developments. Among them are the Google Analytics App gallery and the New Adwords reports.

    Online Behavior - August 19, 2010
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  • Integrating Web Analytics & CRM by Adam Greco - Part I [video]

    Integrating Web Analytics & CRM

    Web Analytics is great at helping B2B companies see what happens before a visitor becomes a lead. CRM systems are great at knowing what happens before a lead becomes a customer. Learn how to integrate Web Analytics and CRM systems to achieve a synergistic effect. In Part I, Adam tells us why CRM and Web Analytics are like Reese's Peanut Butter cups: when you put chocolate and peanut butter together you get a high synergy. He goes over the main advantages of integrating both systems.

    Online Behavior - August 19, 2010
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  • Virtual Monetization by Peter Sanborn - Part I [video]

    Virtual Monetization

    Without an ROI it is difficult to get the attention of your executives and win the budget you deserve. But, how do you calculate ROI on a non-ecommerce site? Learn how Peter Sanborn has built a financial framework for measuring the ROI of customer engagement and using that to drive more investment in web analytics at

    Online Behavior - August 19, 2010
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  • Facebook Analytics and Your Future by Adobe Omniture [video]

    Facebook Analytics

    In this presentation, Matthew Langie and Jeff Jordan go over Facebook Analytics and what kind of return does Facebook offer. They discuss the following questions: What is the basic ROI of investing on Facebook? How does Facebook fit into the rest of you online marketing spent? How does it compare to search, display and other online advertisement? How to measure Facebook success?

    Online Behavior - August 18, 2010
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  • Is There a Single Engagement Metric? Not Quite [video]

    Is There a Single Engagement Metric?

    In this presentation, Professors Eric Bradlow and Peter Fader from Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative, discuss ways to measure user engagement. Prof. Fader starts by stating that the old Reach and Frequency theory still apply to online measurement: it is all about the trade-off of reaching many people a few times or reaching a few people many times. Prof. Bradlow talks about the multiple metrics that should exist, one for each company, or rather one for each purpose in a company.

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  • Non-Line Driven Analytics [video]

    Non-Line Driven Analytics

    In this presentation, from Avinash Kaushik, we learn about what he calls 'Non-Line Analytics'. As he defines it, there is no more online and offline marketing, we all live in the non-line world. He shows ways to measure the impact of offline in online marketing, and the impact of online in offline marketing.

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