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The videos below are a collection of the most interesting videos (in terms of content and presentation skills) on Web Analytics & Optimization, the art and science of improving websites based on the analysis of visitors’ behavior. Learn a broad range of techniques (such as social media, segmentation and other website optimization) in order to turn new visitors into customers and returning customers into loyal friends.

  • Animated Introduction to Big Data [video]

    Animated Introduction to Big Data

    In this video, we learn interesting facts about Big Data, how it is being generated and at which pace. It also discusses misconceptions about it and provides a clear definition of Big Data.

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  • Stories of Analytics – Joe Megibow, Part II [video]

    Stories of Analytics – Joe Megibow, Part II

    In the second part of Joe Megibow's talk, he teaches lessons 7-10 about using analytics in a company. His stories explain why it's so important to use data analysis from other disciplines, aggregate all of the relevant data, use different measures for different technologies, and keep the analytics relevant to the product.

    Online Behavior - April 23, 2012
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  • Data Segmentation with Google Analytics [video]

    Nick Iyengar on Segmenting Analytics

    Nick Iyengar, a senior consultant at Cardinal Path, discusses data segmentation in analytics, particularly its uses in Google Analytics. He says that unsegmented analytics quite often do not pass the most important test of value – the "so-what?" test. That is, much of analytics does not provide information that an organization can act upon. Segmenting the data, which is easy in Google Analytics, can help produce information which leads to action items.

    Online Behavior - April 2, 2012
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  • Do You Focus on the Past, Present or Future? [video]

    Web Analytics past, present and future

    In this animation, by RSA Animate we learn about the Powers of Time and how people deal with it. Professor Phillip Zimbardo starts by describing the 6 different types of people and goes on to compare these type of people across different GEO locations and different cultures. He also discusses how technology and education influence children and teenagers trying to form future oriented people.

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  • Shopping Online Is Meant To Be Easy [video]

    Shopping Online Real Life

    This video, posted on the Google Analytics Youtube Channel, is a humorous representation of how companies treat their customers on websites. Seen through the light of an offline example, this situation seems exaggerated or even ridiculous, but it is so funny because most people went through a similar situation on websites.

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  • Statistics For Kids - I Love Charts [video]

    I Love Charts

    This video presents in a fun and simple way the value of charts not only to adults but also to children. Sometimes people forget how much we interact with chart in our day-to-day life. In addition, the song is very fun and addictive!

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  • Data Visualization as You've Never Imagined - The AlloSphere Research Facility [video]

    Data Visualization in the Allosphere

    In this presentation, JoAnn Kuchera-Morin flies us through the Allosphere, a 30-foot diameter sphere that allows for synthesis, manipulation, exploration and analysis of large-scale data sets in an environment that can simulate virtually real sensorial perception. Ever wonder what your data set might look like in 3D and sound like with 128 channels of audio?

    Online Behavior - July 15, 2011
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  • Managing Metrics at Expedia - Part III [video]

    Managing Metrics at Expedia

    In Part III (out of III), Joe Megibow, VP Global Analytics and Optimization at Expedia, goes over the issue of campaign attribution and how they have dealt with it at Expedia. He also talks about Testing, Voice of Customer and Mobile Optimization.

    Online Behavior - January 29, 2011
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  • Managing Metrics at Expedia - Part II [video]

    Managing Metrics at Expedia

    In Part II (out of III), Joe Megibow, VP Global Analytics and Optimization at Expedia, goes over the six main lessons that he learned while building a framework to manage Expedia metrics and optimization efforts.

    Online Behavior - January 24, 2011
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  • Managing Metrics at Expedia [video]

    Managing Metrics at Expedia

    In Part I (out of III), Joe Megibow, VP, Global Analytics and Optimization at Expedia, goes over the reason why the company invest so heavily in Analytics and Optimization: to be relevant to their customers and to continue to be the leader brand on the travel industry.

    Online Behavior - January 19, 2011
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