Google Analytics Integrations

  • Google Analytics Integrations

    Daniel Waisberg - October 11, 2012

    Turning Google Analytics into a Centralized Marketing Analysis Platform

    With Google Analytics Integrations, expert author Daniel Waisberg shows you how to eliminate typical hurdles and gain a more meaningful, complete view of customers that can drive growth opportunities. This in-depth guide shows not only how to use Google Analytics, but also how to turn this powerful data collection and analysis tool into a central marketing analysis platform for your company.

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  • More Details 

    Taking a hands-on approach, this resource explores the integration and analysis of a host of common data sources, including Google AdWords, AdSense, Webmaster Tools, and many others. Armed with this knowledge, marketers and developers can deliver on the promise of a truly transformative view of customer behavior and acquisition.

    Google Analytics Integrations provides the complete, step-by-step guidance businesses need to improve data integration and online behavior analysis, and will show you how to:

  • Use proven techniques to gather clean and accurate customer data
  • Integrate and import all relevant customer and marketing data into Google Analytics
  • Use new analytical capabilities to gain further insight into customer behavior
  • A Look Into The Book 
    Google Analytics Integrations
    Google Analytics Integrations
    About The Author 

    Daniel Waisberg is an Analytics Advocate at Google, where he fosters Analytics by educating and inspiring professionals when it comes to data-driven decision making. He also spends a considerable amount of time analyzing and visualizing data to come up with interesting and actionable stories. Daniel is part of the Google Analytics Education team, and he also works closely with the Product and Marketing teams.

    Daniel is the Founder & Editor of, a respected Analytics and Optimization portal. Before joining Google he was a Google Analytics Certified Partner for more than 5 years, during which he had the opportunity to work with dozens of companies to help them measure, understand, and optimize their businesses in a more data-driven way.

    Daniel holds a M.Sc. in Operations Research from Tel Aviv University, where he developed a statistical model to help optimize websites using Markov Chains. During those years he also developed a deep appreciation for people who understand Statistics and use it to make better decisions.

    You can read more about Daniel on his personal website

    Praise For The eBook 
    Daniel provides critical insight into how to increase both the fidelity and the actionability of your Analytics data through the many available integrations. This practical guide will quickly get you through the setup, diagnose any issues, and cut to the bottom line value of these important connections.
    Paul Muret, VP Engineering, Google
    Daniel is one of the best people to educate folks on the value and power of these integrations. I have known Daniel for several years now and he is easily among the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to Analytics. He has worked closely with several businesses and publishers and helped them succeed and it is great to get these deep insights directly from him.
    Sagnik Nandy, Distinguished Engineer, Google Analytics
    Daniel's insightful recommendations on how to make digital analytics more actionable via integration are well researched and tightly presented in this wonderful book. This is a must read for analytics users and marketers!
    Babak Pahlavan, Director of Product Management, Google Analytics
    A key benefit of Google Analytics is the deep integration with other Google Product. Daniel does a great job of describing why the integrations are important, how to set them up and how to actually use them.
    Justin Cutroni, Analytics Evangelist, Google Analytics
    Delivering on the promise of big data requires not just capturing massive amounts of data in individual silos, rather it requires an incredible ability to integrate the aforementioned silos to let real insights transform businesses. Daniel's new book outlines specific strategies to accomplish this lofty goal for your digital data!
    Avinash Kaushik, Author of Web Analytics 2.0 & Web Analytics: an Hour A Day

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