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  • Dashboard for AdSense Performance Analysis

    Daniel Waisberg - July 22, 2014
    AdSense Performance Dashboard

    In this post Daniel Waisberg describes a dashboard that can be used to measure your most profitable channels, pages and demographics when it comes to AdSense revenue. He also shares a link to download the dashboard using Google Analytics.

  • Google Analytics Demographic Segmentation Techniques

    Jeff Sauer - July 8, 2014
    Google Analytics Demographic Segmentation Techniques

    By my unofficial count, there are approximately a million ways to segment your users within Google Analytics. One of my favorite segments for predicting future success is looking at the demographics reports, because they allow us to look at the age range and gender of our customers to a great level of accuracy. Learn how to make the most out of it.

  • In-Page Analytics Chrome Extension (by Google)

    Daniel Waisberg - June 23, 2014
    In-Page Analytics Chrome Extension (by Google)

    This article is a guide to the new Google Analytics Chrome extension: In-Page Analytics. The extension is intended to help its users understand their customers in a better and faster way.

  • Building A Google Analytics App With Shiny & R

    Chris Beeley - June 17, 2014
    Google Analytics App

    Following a recent post at Online Behavior on Visualizing Google Analytics Data With R I thought I would share my own Shiny application (a free package available for R) for visualising visits, bounce rate etc. from websites.

  • Using Google Tag Manager To Fight Gibberish URLs

    Shuki Mann - June 10, 2014
    Using Google Tag Manager To Fight Gibberish URLs on Google Analytics

    This article shows how to easily rewrite multiple URLs in Google Analytics with the help of Google Tag Manager (GTM). This solution is life changing for websites that do not have friendly URLs, which makes analyzing customer behavior on websites very cumbersome.

  • Google Analytics Segments Best Practices

    Paul Koks - May 12, 2014
    Google Analytics Segments Best Practices

    Are you struggling with Google Analytics segments every now and then? Would you like to learn how to use/build them instead of just being overwhelmed with a "best segments" posts? If your answer to these questions is yes, I recommend you read this article very carefully!

  • 10 Ways To Improve Google Analytics Data Accuracy

    Dave Fimek - April 22, 2014
    Google Analytics Data Accuracy

    We've all been there. Everything on surface looks like it's running smoothly. Data is coming in. The 30,000-foot view of your account looks like business as usual. You start upping your analytics game. Maybe you took some training and you're getting your hands dirty asking the tough questions of your data. But how do you know if you can trust your data in the first place?  

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