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  • Five Essential Facts About Google Analytics Goals

    Nadia Schwartz - January 21, 2015
    Google Analytics Goals

    In this article Nadia Schwartz provides a few tips and tricks to make Google Analytics Goals work better for you and ensure your data is reliable. You are doing yourself a disservice if you haven't set them up.

  • Cross Device Behavior: Google Analytics + Mailchimp

    Santeri Salonen - January 13, 2015
    Cross-Device Analytics With Email ID

    In this post Santeri Salonen shows a method to measure cross-device behavior using Mailchimp's ID in conjunction with Google Universal Analytics User ID. This will enable website owners to measure cross device usage without requiring users to sign in.

  • Telling Stories with Data - Six Step Framework

    Daniel Waisberg - January 5, 2015
    Telling Stories with Data

    In the presentation below shown in the article Daniel Waisberg summarize the process of going from data to insights with a six step framework he has been using for the last year.

  • Be a Good Data Citizen (Don't Be Lame)

    Phil Harvey - December 9, 2014
    Good Data Citizen

    In this article Phil Harvey provides examples of bad data behaviour, the people who do it and the old thinking and behaviours they fall foul of to make data unnecessarily hard. Then he moves on to how we can all be good data citizens and work together to make data easy.

  • Beyond Digital Analytics Metrics

    Pere Rovira - November 18, 2014
    Beyond Digital Analytics Metrics

    In this post, Pere Rovira discusses COGS (Cost Of Goods Sold) and LTV (Lifetime Value), two fundamental business metrics that can help web analysts be more meaningful and influential with their analysis.

  • Strategies to Reverse Cart Abandonment

    Sam Green - November 12, 2014
    Cart Abandonment Rates

    Cart abandonment is often not a final decision. When viewed as part of the buying cycle, like buyers who research competitors, the abandonment issue becomes manageable. Our goal, then, is twofold: lower the initial abandonment rate and raise the reclamation rate on abandoned carts.

  • Optimize Your Site With Enhanced Ecommerce

    Kristoffer Olofsson - November 3, 2014
    Enhanced Ecommerce Product Impressions

    In this post Kristoffer Olofsson provides a guide to the new Enhanced Ecommerce methods for product impressions and detailed views, which will give us actionable insights that we can work with to continuously improve the presentation of products and the performance of our ecommerce business.

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