Google Analytics For PPC: Integrating AdWords & A/B Testing

  • Google Analytics For PPC: Integrating AdWords & A/B Testing

    Daniel Waisberg - October 13, 2012

    Linking Google Analytics to AdWords is essential to online marketers using both tools. It allows Pay Per Click (PPC) optimizers, professionals who manage AdWords accounts, to go beyond success and failure, i.e., to understand not only which campaigns are failing, but also what happens to visitors who do not purchase (or complete any other goal) during their visits. ‘Google Analytics for PPC’ centralizes everything you need to know about integrating and analyzing AdWords with Google Analytics.

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    In 'Google Analytics For PPC: Integrating AdWords & A/B Testing', you will learn how to integrate AdWords into Analytics and improve campaign performance by shedding light on which campaigns are failing as a result of suboptimal targeting, poorly designed landing pages, or poor ads.

    The eBook also covers Google Analytics Content Experiments, a tool to create A/B Tests. Testing campaigns can significantly increase Return On Investment (ROI) by creating a better experience to website visitors.

    The eBook includes a chapter where Daniel provides best practices in order to have data gathered in a clean and accurate way. The chapter discusses code implementation and the settings required for Google Analytics and external campaigns. He also offers tips on how to keep the implementation under control, especially important for large enterprises.

    Please note that the content of this eBook is fully included in the Google Analytics Integrations eBook.

    A Look Into The Book 
    Google Analytics For PPC: Integrating AdWords & A/B Testing
    Google Analytics For PPC: Integrating AdWords & A/B Testing
    Google Analytics For PPC: Integrating AdWords & A/B Testing
    About The Author 

    Daniel Waisberg is the Founder & Editor of Online Behavior. He has worked as a Google Analytics Certified Partner for over 4 years, delivering multiple training programs, account designs, and analytical insights to large and medium businesses (including Google, 888 Holdings, and Caesars Entertainment Corporation.)

    Daniel holds a MSc degree on Operations Research & Decisions from Tel Aviv University where he developed a statistical model using Markov Chains to analyze online behavior. He presents at major conferences such as Google Engage, SMX and eMetrics Summit; he also writes for major portals such as Search Engine Land and Smashing Magazine. A full list of his articles and speaking engagements can be found at

    This eBook had a significant contribution by Yehoshua Coren, the Analytics Ninja: learn more about him.

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    Praise For The eBook 
    Daniel's an expert in all things Google Analytics. Listen and learn. I do.
    Danny Sullivan - Editor In Chief, Marketing Land & Search Engine Land
    The data you get from Google Analytics is awesome. Google Analytics plus AdWords equals super awesome! Suddenly you are saving money and bringing more targeted visitors to your website - all tied to Macro and Micro Conversions. Did you think a humble eBook could do that? This one can. Buy it!
    Avinash Kaushik - Author, Web Analytics 2.0 & Web Analytics: an Hour A Day
    Daniel does a great job in his book helping users understand how to get up and running with Google Analytics. He cuts through a lot of the noise and offers practical advice about how to get started with Google Analytics. With his book you'll have the basics covered quickly and be on your way to insights fast.
    Justin Cutroni – Analytics Advocate, Google
    Daniel Waisberg is a definitive authority in the analytics and marketing optimization space. One thing that makes him a consistent "must read" is his ability to articulate ideas in a way that's accessible to all levels of marketer, tech-savvy or otherwise. His latest eBook on implementation best practices is essential in the library of all web workers responsible for data: from marketing manager to analyst. Useful links, step-by-step instructions and examples from actual sites make it easy for everyone to follow. As marketing measurement becomes more important daily you need to be sure you're making the best possible use of tools and getting clean, integrated data. This eBook will get you on the right path to doing just that.
    Adam Singer - Product Marketing Manager, Google Analytics

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